Brainstorming: What is Pain?


Don’t be afraid to share your idea! So go ahead and share your idea with us in the comments below. Practice putting ideas out 🙂

Warm-up Questions

Why do we feel pain? Does feeling pain an evolutionary mistake?

Can pain be measured medically? Or is it individual?

Can we create fake pain? Does your perception of pain changes in view of whether you believe in pain or not? If you have an example, share with us 🙂

How to Explain Your Pain to a Doctor?

You may say ‘My pain feels like….sharp stabbing pain….”

Find out how many words you know about pain 🙂

  • burning
  • sharp
  • dull
  • intense
  • aching
  • cramping
  • stabbing
  • gnawing
  • griping
  • pressure
  • tender
  • prickly
  • throbbing


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