Brainstorming: Scientific Advancements and Bioethical Issues


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Warm-up Questions

Are we required only not to harm others or must we also act in ways that benefit them or make their lives better? What is our responsibility to others?

What makes someone’s life superior to another’s life?

Nowadays Canada is looking for 100 volunteer humans to be used as a test subject for Covid-19 experiment. Should this deadly virus be intentionally injected into humans, even if all of the participants were volunteers?

If there would be a method that makes embryos genetically empower, will you accept?

Is it possible for some professional sectors to hire people according to the genome structure?


Under the state’s eugenics program, which began in 1929, more than 7,600 people underwent sterilizations. Some procedures were forced to weed out the “feebleminded” while others were a voluntary form of birth control. Up to 1,800 people who were sterilized in North Carolina may be alive. The state has verified 146 living victims.
Unlike most states, the North Carolina program expanded after World War II, and shifted toward targeting poor black women.

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